How about a summer job that is fun as well as transforming?  Not really a job… more of an experience.    Work outdoors amongst bubbling rivers and towering canyons sharing your faith with others.

Rockhaven Camp is seeking staff members with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ, boundless enthusiasm, a sense of humor, flexibility, high moral standards, a love for kids, and a desire to grow personally and spiritually.


General Information
All Rockhaven summer staff are screened, hired and trained to lead campers through a safe and nurturing, Christian camp experience.  Each camper is unique, every camper is special.  The Rockhaven staff is trained to lead campers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds in building a community of faith in which to grow spiritually, intellectually and physically.  Dedicated, mature and highly motivated individuals possessing prior camp experience or background working with children are selected to fill our staff positions.  Rockhaven’s application process includes criminal background checks for all staff.  The staff is provided with an intensive leadership and counselor training program prior to summer and receive on-going training and mentoring throughout the season by the camp director.

    To encourage an understanding of basic Christian principles through character development (caring, honesty, respect and responsibility)
    To plant the seeds of Christian community.
    To encourage an appreciation and understanding of nature and our place in God’s world.
    To have FUN!
    To challenge each camper mentally, physically and spiritually.
    To provide a safe environment to experience, discover and grow
    To develop understanding, acceptance and appreciation of the uniqueness of each person.
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