Campership Request Form

Rockhaven's Campership Policy

We believe that every child or youth should have the opportunity to go to camp. Tier I in our fee structure hopefully makes this possible. Rockhaven and First Presbyterian Church have established a Campership Fund for the purpose of providing assistance to those who would not otherwise be able to attend Rockhaven's Summer Camp Program. Assistance is normally granted on a partial basis as need is determined. It is expected that each applicant will contribute towards the cost of the camp to the extent of personal ability. Gifts towards the Campership Fund come from members of First Presbyterian Church and other thoughtful individuals who recognize the valuable impact Rockhaven can have on a person's life. If you need financial assistance please read, complete and submit this application. Rev. Jody McDevitt of First Presbyterian Church will respond with further instructions. If you have questions please call FPC at 406.586.9194

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