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Rockhaven is an innovative summer camping program where free-play, nature-play, and child-led independent play is front and center.  We create a safe environment where creativity and imagination can flourish and kids can just be kids, get a little (or maybe a lot) dirty, and play like kids are meant to play.  UnCamp at Rockhaven takes the schedules, the expectation, and the rules out of summer and puts back in: genuine play, natural curiosity, epic messes, muddy faces, sticky fingers and awesome memories that will last a lifetime.

What People Say About Us

"I love Rockhaven... this is where I like to be and wish I could spend the whole summer here. One of the things I like best about Rockhaven is playing outside and being outdoors and hanging out with friends. It's fun to not have schedules and just play outside and be wild. I love this camp... I would skip school to go to this camp!"

"Rockhaven is so awesome! Thank you. My son comes home everyday so happy and full of stories. He won't stop showing me the string figures that he's learned and even taught me how to play cat's cradle. He told me about crystal rock and the fort he built with some other boys in the woods. He says you're a great storyteller and especially likes the one with the frogs. Thanks and we'll see you next year."

Sam's Mom
I knew I liked the UnCamp concept as a parent, but was unsure how well my kids would do in an environment that by design had less structure than other camps they were familiar with. It was great to see them so excited at the end of the day, and to hear them laughing as they described their day on our drive home. Giving children the chance to decompress, create games and activities, and to make friends in such a natural and beautiful place is a gift to them and to me as a parent.
Matt R.

Rockhaven is an inclusive and affirming outdoor ministry of the First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of Bozeman.

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